Best weather station

Debbie Rochon as Lucia

Michael Segal as Pietro

Marysia Kay as Alice

Gerry Shanahan as Giovanni

Eleanor James as Anna

Matteo Tosi as Don Mario

Emmett J. Scanlan as Luigi (the soldier)


Alessandra Guerzoni as Teresa


Ivan Zuccon ~ Cut-Shot-Direct-Produce

Roberta Marrelli ~ Executive Producer

Ivo Gazzarrini ~ Writer

Fiona Walsh ~ Make-up Effects Artist

Mauro Fabriczky (by MFX) ~ Molding, Casting and Prosthetics Effects

Massimo Storari ~ Make-up Effects Assistant

Massimo Storari ~ Visual Effects

Antonio Masiero ~ Sound Designer

Valerio Zuccon ~ Set Designer

Donatella Ravagnani ~ Costume Designer

Eugenia Serravalli ~ 1st Assistant

Edoardo Recchi ~ 2nd Assistant

Aurora Rochez ~ Music

Marco Werba ~ Original Music

Massimo Storari ~ Production Stills

Craig Mullins ~ Webmaster

H.P. Lovecraft ~ Original Story

all content © 2007 Ivan Zuccon and Craig Mullins unless otherwise noted
all Colour from the Dark graphics courtesy of and © 2007 Massimo Storari